Create a Family Treasure

The purpose of this website is to motivate you to act now to chronicle your family film and photographic history. I offer you an opportunity to consolidate your family‘s pictures and stories in a modern medium, the DVD.  It can be easily copied and given to every family member to be viewed on any TV with a DVD player. If you have old scrapbook photos, home movies  (16mm or 8mm), 35mm slides, VHS tapes or newspaper articles,  you need to consider bringing that old media up to date in a digital format you can share with the whole family. Your film is getting brittle, the pictures are fading and your memories will not last forever.  This is your opportunity to tell your story your way.

Imagine your Great-Grandparents words.

Imagine future generations being able to see the pictures and hear you tell your story. Now is the time to create a legacy that will be handed down for generations allowing your great, great grandchildren to print pictures of you and listen to your story.  By acting now you will enrich the lives of your family members and the generations yet to come.

My Goal

My goal is to produce for you a high quality DVD containing your family story.  I consider each project a collaboration between you and I, and will not be satisfied until you are.

Leif Erickson

Sample movie

Harry S Truman

Spring 1954